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Curved Screen Mobile Phone Magnifier with Two Bluetooth Speaker

Curved Screen Mobile Phone Magnifier with Two Bluetooth Speaker

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1. Give your children a good gift and help them protect their eyes from close range. The best gift for the elderly can help them see the screen more clearly.
2. The high-definition acrylic lens screen magnifier with stereo function can be enlarged 2-4 times on the mobile phone screen to avoid visual fatigue. Just put the phone in the screen magnifier, you can easily enjoy the effect of home theater.
3. L10 mobile phone screen amplifier is a 10-inch large-screen mobile phone screen amplifier with Bluetooth audio. The lens adopts a Fresnel optical Alec high-definition lens, which makes the viewing effect realistic and full of three-dimensional sense.
4. The L10 mobile phone screen amplifier adds a Bluetooth sound with a shocking film, which solves the problem of low phone sound. Whether you are watching TV or listening to songs, you can always experience the high and low sound effects of the cinema shock film audio at any time.


Audio type: 4 ohms 3 watts with diaphragm audio
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Bluetooth name: L10
Product net weight: 592 grams (including data cable manual)
Optional color: black
Material: Acrylic lens + ABS shell
Packing size: 10 inch acrylic mirror, 23.5 * 22 * 5.3cm
Gross weight: 592g

Package Content:

1 X Amplifier

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