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540 Degree Rotating Magnetic Suction Charging Cable

540 Degree Rotating Magnetic Suction Charging Cable

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Product information:

Product parameters
Name: 540 degree rotating magnetic suction charging wire new private model ring lamp
Color: Black, Red, Purple, Green
Length: 0.5M, 1M, 2M [support customization]
Function: charging, not supporting data transmission
Voltage/current: 5V/2.4A
Wire gauge: 50 * 0.08TC * 2 OD3.5mm [thickened wire core]

Introduction to data line functions:
1. The new 180 degree+360 degree rotation design is compact and practical
2. The data line for straight head and elbow 2 is preferred for mobile game families
3. The first line is compatible with three magnetic heads with different interfaces, eliminating the need to prepare multiple data lines
4. The N52 magnet has strong attraction, so don't worry about insufficient attraction
5. One-handed operation: no need for traditional charging by aligning the jack, reducing the risk of charging while driving
6. The magnetic suction head acts as a dust plug

Packing list:

Charging Line*1

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